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Green Flower Tourmaline Tapered Obelisk Standing Point

Green Flower Tourmaline Tapered Obelisk Standing Point

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heart healing, compassion, wisdom, protection, balancing, grounding PROPERTIES: Green Flower Tourmaline contains both Black & Green Tourmaline! Green Tourmaline is very rare crystal that promotes heart healing, compassion, and wisdom. Just like Black Tourmaline, it is a bodyguard stone that protects the aura and decreases unwanted energies. It is balancing for all chakras, and increases your vibration, and relaxes the mind and body. Tourmaline is the most powerful protection crystal, carrying an extremely high-vibrational grounding energy. It absorbs unwanted energies, as it cleanses and unlocks energy blockages from yourself or your home. By creating an energetic shield around you, it defends your auric space. ZODIAC:: Capricorn ELEMENT:: Earth CHAKRA:: Root ***Please note*** *Due to Mother Nature, the product(s) you purchase will vary in color, shape, and size. The picture on this page serve to give you a general image of what you are purchasing.


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